MotorCortex is a framework that allows developers to create a Clip by simply defining its context (e.g. HTML / CSS) and to position Effects, Animations or even other Clips anywhere on its timeline.

Anything that can be added on a Clip’s timeline we call it Incident and thus in MotorCortex everything is an Incident.

MotorCortex Clips are

  • playable, as they can be played, paused and seeked
  • dynamic as they are designed to change on run time
  • parametric as they accept properties that affect their look and behavior
  • isolated as they’re completely sealed from their environment
  • portable as they can be saved and transfered as simple JSON files

The framework provides an easy and documented SDK for creating plugins. Writing a plugin for MotorCortex feels extremely similar to just simply using it.
The number of plugins that the framework can accept and the variety of their Incidents is in theory infinite. A big number of plugins has already been implemented. A dedicated page lists the best of them.

Last but not least, MotorCortex on its core, is Clip type - agnostic, meaning that any type of Clip can be (and in many cases has already been) implemented. The BrowserClip and the HTMLClip Clips target the browser, are implemented internally and are provided out of the box.