Mono Incident / one element, one animated attribute

Every Incident that gets instantiated has a selector (either defined on its props or inherited from its Group parents) and animated attributes passed on the animatedAttrs key of its attributes (key-value pairs).

The moment the Incident enters the Clip it automatically (and internally) gets dissolved into smaller pieces up until it reaches the point where the initial Incident has been analysed to Incidents of a single element and a single attribute. The final number of mono-Incidents that will be finally produced within the Clip are the product numberOfAnimatedAttrs * numberOfElements.

When extending an Incident you should treat it as the mono-Incident that will be internally produced by MotorCortex.

This mono-Incident offers the following properties (which you can use on your code):

  • element: the element that the Incident will be applied to
  • attributeKey: the attribute name that will be animated
  • targetValue: the value of the animated attribute to be animated
  • selector: a selector string that only returns this.element
  • initialValue: the initial value of the animated attribute